QUICK HIT: Social Ads Miss Their Targets

In the realm of social advertising there are two types of people - those who believe in their ability to perform and produce a return on spend and those who don't believe the hype.

While millions of businesses (both small and large) have advertised their products and services on Facebook, for example, it's not uncommon to hear stories of campaigns gone wrong and missing their performance marks.

A new survey out from Weebly, for example, reveals, in fact, that some 62 percent indicate their paid ads on Facebook are missing their targets, despite the platform's numerous marketing tools that allow them to do just that.

  • While it makes sense to participate on the Facebook (87 percent of those surveyed by Weebly do so), most don't use paid campaigns to grow reach and boost their posts. 
  • Of those surveyed, 82 percent have spent less than $50 on a Facebook ad campaign. And more than half - 52 percent - say they don't buy ads on Facebook at all. 
  • That certainly doesn't bode well for the future of Facebook or any social media network looking to drive revenue through advertising (Pinterest, Twitter or Snapchat).