Likes Facebook

Social media commerce continues to grow, and many ecommerce companies are slowly starting to focus more of their efforts on moving into the market. Whether or not this is the future of online shopping is yet to be seen, but many online properties certainly seem to think that it might.

The latest convert is the online coupon site RetailMeNot, which recently launched its "Today's Top Deals" Facebook application "to help consumers shop smart and save money during the 2011 holiday shopping season." The app includes coupons, promotional codes and special deals from some of the company's merchants, allowing customers to save an average of almost $20 on products and services. Some of the more notable merchants with "Today's Top Deals" listings are, The Gap,, Dell and PetCo.

"Social media continues to play a more heightened role in how we communicate to consumers. The 'Today's Top Deals' app will help us get the best deals to our fans on Facebook," says RetailMeNot's Senior Vice President, Jag Bath.