Search for an Online Identity

A major part of online marketing is establishing a strong brand identity, which means that consumers have to be able to easily find your online properties (websites, social media profiles, mobile sites, etc.) for you to see real success on the Web.

The absolute best way to do this is to ensure that your primary website's domain name and social network URLs are simple and will make accessing your Internet properties as hassle-free for consumers (and, more importantly, potential consumers) as possible.

For the last half decade, DomainsBot has been helping companies by providing an easy way for them to check the availabilty of potential domain names that they may want to use, which dramatically reduces the time spent searching for an unused domain name.

"Our goal is to simplify an important and time consuming process creatively," says DomainsBot CEO Emiliano Pasqualetti.

Social Media Takeover
Of course, anyone who is even a moderate Internet user can tell you that social media has completely altered the way that we use the Web. Now, many users will have their first encounters with brands on social networks, specifically Twitter or Facebook, and many consumers are conditioned to visit these profile pages more frequently than websites because they are easier to engage with and located on social networking sites that the users are already visiting regularly.

DomainsBot took note of this development, and it was the catalyst for the development and launch of the 2.0 version of its website. DomainsBot now offers "an innovative real-time search experience" that includes some new tools to search for not only domain names, but also Twitter handles and Facebook URLs. Ultimately, this will help brands establish unique online identities in a quick and efficient manner.

"Five years ago we only needed to worry about checking domain availability before naming a new business or product," says Pasqualetti. "Today's challenge is to take care of domains and social media identities."

Keeping Up with Google
A big part of the redevelopment of the DomainsBot technology revolved around meeting Google's new "Instant" feature. Now that the search giant displays relevant search results as words are typed into the search engine, DomainsBot will offer "a similar, real-time experience that gives users more control over results."

The new website is live now, and the new features have also been integrated into DomainsBot's mobile application.