Social Commerce for Etsy Merchants

It is now easier for Etsy merchants to market their products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


This is because ecommerce company Zantler has made its social commerce platform Shoppost available to Etsy merchants. With Shoppost, merchants can merchandise and sell their products in-stream on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr through a post that mimics an ecommerce storefront.


Posts that are published on social networks through the Shoppost platform display product details, including images, availability, sizing, colors and pricing, which are taken directly from an Etsy retailer's merchant page. Once a customer clicks the buy button on the post, they are directed to the merchant's Etsy branded shopping cart. Moreover, the Shoppost Web app provides merchants with an analytics tool that offers data about customers' engagement and the products that convert best.


"Shopposts were designed to drive better engagement and conversion for merchants on social and mobile, and our early data shows we're successfully delivering on that promise. We're seeing a 22 percent engagement rate with shopposts on Facebook and 42 percent of all engagement with shopposts are happening on mobile," said Zantler CEO David Robb. "We're excited to give Etsy merchants that same ability to engage with and sell to consumers where they live on social media."


In addition to Shoppost's availability on Etsy, the company has introduced a sharing to Tumblr button. This button is similar to the platform's existing buttons for social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as it enables merchants to post products to Tumblr with a single click, as well as enables consumers to share the posts from one social media platform, like Facebook, to Tumblr. Previously, merchants could share Shopposts on Tumblr only with embed codes.


"Because of the huge volume of fashion and apparel on Tumblr, and the large percentage of apparel and accessory merchants using Shoppost, it was a natural fit for us to amplify our Tumblr support with the share button," said Zantler President James Lively. "With Tumblr being recognized as the fastest-growing social platform concurrently with our Tumblr share button launch, this enhancement will provide our merchant base a valuable tool to expand their social reach and increase conversions."


Shoppost for Etsy comes after the company launched availability of its platform for Amazon Webstore last month. It is also important to note that Shoppost is available for merchants and consumers to use free of charge.