Social Media and Employee Brand Advocacy

An enterprises' employees can be its best advocates, but the right people, processes and platforms must absolutely be in place in driving consumer engagement through social media.

That is becoming increasingly clear to those brands with hundreds or thousands of these employee advocates - which can make management (and the requisite oversight) far more complicated. Fortunately, there are some interesting platforms available to ensure the benefits of greater (more and better) social media participation are achieved, without the complexities.

Markr, for example, recently released a new employee advocacy management solution dubbed Brand Commandr. The solution is designed to let brands and agencies monitor and manage their social media channels' content from multiple locations via pre-selected editors or social media managers. What's most interesting about the platform is that it retools how employees interact with the brand and how brands manage those employees' advocacy. Instead of pushing recommended messages to employees, Brand Commandr makes it a pull and push model; a two-pronged approach that allows employees to suggest content as well as receive shareable suggestions.

"We wanted to create an employee advocacy platform that empowers employees in multiple ways," said Markr co-founder Joe Collins. "Your employees are often your biggest fans, so we created a tool that lets brands tap into that but also lets employees be engaged in the content creation process."

"What we've seen is that brands and companies have difficulty monitoring and filtering employee-generated content posted to their social media channels," said Markr Co-founder Josh Basinger. "You see companies having to address inaccurate or inappropriate content that is inadvertently posted nearly every day in the news. We've put a lot of time and energy into constructing a platform that increases collaboration and engagement while reducing risk."

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