Social Platform Shoutlet Brings Control to SMO

Social marketing software Shoutlet has released what looks to be a promising new version that features trigger-based campaign publishing, giving marketers the ability to apply synchronized actions to campaigns across social networks.

New features in Shoutlet 5.0 include Social Switchboard, a campaign planning and execution functionality for social marketing which uses pre-scheduled marketers and milestones to trigger automatic changes to content across multiple social networks. The platform also features Social Canvas, which provides users with tools for Facebook page design and custom Web app creation.

Shoutlet has also made some improvements to its social CRM solution. The Social Profiles feature gathers information on user preferences, interests, engagement frequency as well as general receptiveness for remarketing that could give brands a leg up on knowing who would be interested in products and promotions in the future.

"Our vision from day one has been to arm our customers with the tools they need to build and manage powerful social campaigns, allowing for easy and intuitive content creation and giving them real-time and accurate user analytics to better plan fan interaction," says Jason Weaver, CEO of Shoutlet. "With Shoutlet 5.0, we are doing just that with relevancy marketing at the core, providing customers with a wealth of information generated by features like Social Canvas, Social Profiles, and Social Switchboard. These tools combined are optimizing the way brands are communicating with fans and significantly enriching those relationships."