Splitweet: Multi-account Twitter Manager

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? If so, have a look at Splitweet. This service lets you enter your multiple accounts and manage them all in the same window. There are several attractive features that make it worthwhile.

  • You can send a tweet to whichever account you want by typing in your message, checking the box next to the account you want to tweet, then clicking "Tweet it!"
  • Your dashboard shows all incoming tweets from those you follow, color-coded according to the account.
  • Replies shows all @ replies to your accounts, color-coded, Direct Messages does the same.
  • Brand Mentions searches by keywords - that you set up in the 'brands' link - and displays all tweets containing those terms.
  • Hovering over any tweet will give you the ability to retweet, favorite or direct message the sender.

Splitweet can be a very useful application for multi-account Twitter users. It also begs the question: Just how many Twitter users are out there? If you're marketing to Twitter, keep in mind that if there is a marketplace for this kind of service, it means that there are many out there using multiple Twitter accounts for the same purpose. Your audience might not be as large as you think.