Stay Connected to the Workplace with Tibbr

Social networks aren't only valuable for keeping up with friends and family, but also for staying connected with coworkers too.

Take the tibbr platform for example. The platform works as an enterprise social network that can be used to communicate and collaborate with team members in a private and secure setting. Plus, the company recently released a feature called "Pages," which provides a new way for users to find, curate and publish content.

"Tibbr Pages will fundamentally alter how people consume and create content in the enterprise," said Ram Menon, president, social computing, TIBCO. "With tibbr Pages, we are creating an incredibly simple way for every employee in a company to be a realtime publisher and distributor of meaningful content."

Pages can be leveraged to create webpages for a specific subject or department. The platform requires no coding knowledge, and allows users to drag-and-drop content items into one place, including content from Flickr, YouTube and social networks. Then, Pages can be shared internally with specific people or an entire company, as well as externally if desired. Plus, it is important to note that tibbr Pages are accessible on mobile devices.

"What we have done with Pages, is essentially what we like to call a 21st century curation of content," said Sriram Chakravarthy, VP of products and engineering at tibbr. "You can put together, in a very quick fashion, really nice compelling pages that you can share with everybody in the organization."