SugarCRM Added to HootSuite App Directory

HootSuite has once again expanded its ever-growing App Directory, this time adding the SugarCRM App Integration to its social media management platform. 


The SugarCRM app enables sales and customer support teams to create leads and cases based on unique social media messages. Then, these prospects can be assigned and shared with the appropriate teams for quick follow up.


"Social media is fast-becoming a major asset for customer-facing teams across entire organizations, from sales to customer support. Businesses are really starting to see the benefits of using social media to enhance customer engagement and reap the benefits of social selling," said Gregory Gunn, vice president of business development at HootSuite. "So I'm thrilled to introduce SugarCRM to the HootSuite App Directory. This new integration allows business teams to better follow up with social media leads, nurture relationships in real-time and close deals easier than ever before."


Sales teams, for example, can identify and create leads with SugarCRM based on prospect profiles that are found within social channels in their HootSuite dashboard. This enables teams to generate larger numbers of leads and tap into new sales opportunities. Plus, leads are typically higher-quality because they are based on real-time insights and conversations. Conversely, customer service teams can create cases in SugarCRM from messages found in social channels on the HootSuite dashboard. Then, cases can be shared with the entire customer service team in SugarCRM. This helps teams increase customer satisfaction levels because customer complaints can quickly be addressed and resolved.


"Sugar aims to give organizations the tools they need to provide the best possible experience to each and every customer, in every interaction they make. The difference between acquiring and retaining a customer and losing them lies in knowing each one inside and out," said Chuck Coulson, vice president of business development at SugarCRM. "We're excited for this integration with HootSuite, and the ways it will help sales and customer support staff - with Sugar they can deliver a better customer experience and develop long-term loyalty within the HootSuite dashboard."


The SugarCRM app is just the latest integration in the HootSuite App Directory, which contains more than 60 free and premium apps. Some of the other apps include YouTube, Statigram, Trendspottr, Salesforce, HubSpot, Survey Monkey, Chartbeat, Yammer and more.