Survey Says! Increase Your Social Followers

In the coming months there will be a lot of last-minute tips to help retailers be successful this holiday season - and for good reason.

According to Campaigner's 2015 Internet retail holiday trends survey, 38 percent of respondents say they have not yet begun preparing for marketing and mobile sales.

"It's shocking to learn that such a high number of Internet retailers have not yet begun executing holiday strategies for this year," said Seamas Egan, manager of revenue operations for Campaigner. "Black Friday is just a couple of months away, and for most retailers, the holiday season is ripe with revenue if they prepare adequately."

On the other end of the spectrum, more than half of respondents have finalized developing holiday content and promotions for marketing purposes.

Wherever a retailer is in their preparedness (or lack of), they may want to consider integrating social into their email campaigns, as 71 percent of their peers indicated it was the most important add-on for email marketing. An example of social integration is including social sharing links within emails, but can be more advanced like leveraging user-generated content within email campaigns, etc. Social integrations can increase social followers, which gives brands more opportunities to market to these individuals. 

To check out more results from Campaigners survey, see the infographic below (and click on it to zoom in):