Tap into the Full Twitter Archive

Union Metrics is helping businesses tap deep into Twitter's data with the launch of its new Echo solution.

Union Metrics Echo enables brands to interact with, access and measure the full Twitter archive. In fact, Echo makes the entire Twitter archive searchable in real time, enabling marketers to explore hundreds of billions of Tweets to help answer business questions, inform strategies and create more effective marketing campaigns.

During its beta period, two dozen brands leveraged Echo including Digital Health, LifeBrands, McBeard and Stradella Road. Echo helped these brands understand the impact of Tweets during a brand crisis, watch conversations happen on Twitter as TV shows happen on screen, research potential clients before pitching new business, identify key tweets about past events, measure share of voice and monitor competitors.

"We found Union Metrics Echo to be a very impressive feature with great potential," said Alec McNayr, Co-founder and CCO at McBeard. "It's especially effective at visualizing share of voice on Twitter, providing a very unique advantage as a listening tool."

In addition, Echo helps marketers analyze and compare past campaign performance, identify trends, discover key moments in conversations and report these results over months, days, hours and minutes. Plus, brands running ongoing monitoring can integrate historical data from the Twitter archive into Union Metrics Twitter Trackers, which makes it easier to measure ongoing conversations in real-time. This includes reporting on reach, content and influencers. Moreover, this data is available in all Union Metrics' multi-channel dashboards, which can help brands improve campaigns across social media channels.

"We created Union Metrics Echo to make the hundreds of billions of Tweets in the Twitter archive instantly accessible to marketers so they can answer important business questions and make better decisions in ways that simply weren't possible before," said Hayes Davis, CEO of Union Metrics. "But, the value of Echo goes well beyond Twitter. We believe every social campaign, regardless of channel, can be improved by tapping into the world's reaction to every event - big or small - whether it happened 90 seconds ago or nine years ago."