Promote Your Shows on Facebook with ReverbNation

Many artists and music industry professionals turn to ReverbNation for marketing, promotion and social media tools, so they should be pleased to hear about the company's newest beta launch of a solution to help music venues drive better attendance and ticket sales.

PROMOTE IT for Shows is a new product that fits into ReverbNation's established PROMOTE IT line of Facebook music promotion tools.

The system is based on the idea of helping venues (of all sizes) reach the right local people, and then encouraging those users to respond and invite friends to join them. It will also "learn" what works for venues based on previous campaign performances.

The new tool will focus on moving beyond traditional advertising techniques to create new relationships between venues and local music fans by encouraging users to "Like" venue pages and sign up for email lists. Venues will even be able to offer free tickets to early responders, if they want.

Prominent venues already using PROMOTE IT for Shows include LA's Roxy Theatre and New York's The Knitting Factory and Brooklyn Bowl.