Social Users Not Afraid to Unlike Your Brand

Bizrate Insights has released new data confirming that social media users aren't averse to "unliking" brands on their networks, and the majority of people have done it at least once before.

According to the study based on the latest round of social media Flash surveys, 62 percent of online shoppers have unfollowed, unliked or turned off a person, group or brand on a social network. The most typical reasons for this were because they either posted too much or too much of the content was irrelevant to the user.

That being said, there is good news for social media marketers who aren't overwhelming or boring their fans. Forty-seven percent of respondents said that "likes" or links to a product or retailer from friends are a preferred method for finding new products, brands, trends or retailers, while 17 percent said they have purchased something in the past based on a friend's social media post.