Tumblr Embraces the GIF

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 26 Jun, 2015

Since their inception, blogs have given users the ability to communicate their feelings and opinions on virtually any topic under the sun.

Looking for new ways to keep their bloggers coming back, Tumblr, the popular two announcements regarding GIFs on their site.

The first announcement from Tumblr introduced a new way for users to find GIFs to incorporate in their posts. Through the new GIF search feature, users simply click the "+" button followed by the "GIF" button to search through Tumblr's library of GIFs. Once users select a GIF, the GIFs original poster will notified that another users has reposted their content.

What's more, Tumblr also announced the launch of Tumblr TV, a new way to view GIFs. When visiting Tumblr TV, users' entire screen is used to show GIFs, turning the screen into a TV essentially. Interestingly, users are able to customize their Tumblr TV experience and even make their own channel to attach to their blog.