Twibs: Business Directory for Twitter

A common complaint among Twitter users in the past has been the lack of ways to find businesses. We have documented the problems with Twitter search before, and although it is getting better of late, there can still be difficulties in finding a business by name.

Twibs has a solution, in that it's a dedicated business finder for Twitter. Businesses are listed alphabetically, and featured businesses are found on the site's home page. Click on a business listing and you get a page with all recent updates, a button to follow the company, number of followers, email contact info, and website URL. You can also vote for the business to appear on the home page of "featured" businesses.

Visit to submit your business to the directory. It takes about 2 minutes. It's a new service, but early indications point to a positive for the Twitter business landscape. The site already grabbed 50,000 monthly visitors in February 2009, a 175% increase from January.