Twitter Adds Security with Account Monitoring Dashboard

Twitter is helping its users better monitor and manage their accounts via a new data dashboard.

The dashboard, which is being rolled out to all users, displays account activation details, the devices the account has been accessed on and recent login history. This enables users to monitor their account's security and verify any apps connected to their account.

"If you see login activity from an app that you don't recognize, you can go to the apps tab in your settings to revoke its access to your Twitter account," the social network says in its announcement. "If you notice logins from suspicious locations, you can change your password immediately, and you can enroll in login verification for extra security. From your dashboard, you can also manage your uploaded address book contacts, download your Twitter archive, and more."

Twitter also notes that this is just the latest security update, as the social network has always aimed to put users in control of their own information. For instance, users don't have to use their real name on the social network and can control whether their Tweets are public or private.