Twitter's Mobile Users Get Better Explanations of Trends

While there are certainly best practices to be followed on Twitter, what will ultimately be trending on Twitter is almost anyone's guess. From meerkats and goats to a dress and a news item (take your pick), Twitter users can make a topic trending quickly. After all, thousands of Tweets are sent every second on Twitter.

Twitter's "Trends" feature has long been a place where users can take a quick glance to see which breaking news, entertainment or social movements items are most popular. The Trends, however, are almost always open for interpretation, because they are not self-explanatory. For instance what is #NYFW? With Twitter's new updates to the trends experience on mobile devices, users will get more context regarding each trend, like a description making it clear #NYFW is New York Fashion Week.

The new trends experience may also include how many Tweets have been sent and whether a topic is trending up or down (like in the example below). What's more, Twitter is moving trends to the search page and retiring #discover and activity for all iOS and Android users.

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