Welcome the #Yelfie & More From Yelp

Yelp continues to roll out some rather interesting and somewhat innovative features.  

The platform introduced three new features that will let users check-in with a photo, modifies the manner in which business images are displayed, and lets users share their bookmark collections. Let's take a closer look.

When checking-in to a business on Yelp, users now have an opportunity to take a check-in photo. The camera then flips or reverses so the user can take their own photo. This information, along with the business name and the user's rating of that business can be shared on social media. See a few examples of Yelfies below.

AI-Driven Business Images
Yelp indicated that more than 100,000 photos are being uploaded to Yelp every day, and as a result, Yelp is leveraging AI and machine learning to help it identify the best photos to appear on business page. "Last year, we started by training a neural network to categorize photos," according to Yelp. "Over the past year, we've done extensive evaluation and analysis to improve the quality of the photos shown at the top of each business page."

Shareable Bookmark Collections
Yelp introduced bookmark collections back in October of 2016 which enables users to curate and organize their own lists of businesses on the platform. Yelp is now allowing users to share these bookmark collections with other users by tapping the "share" icon.