Yelpers Prepare to be the Next Spielberg...for 3-12 seconds

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 30 May, 2014

With a monthly average of 120 million unique visitors in Q4 2013* there is no denying Yelp's popularity.

Disregarding the importance of customer reviews in today's digital world is a grave mistake. While positive reviews can help crucial.

Starting in early June, Yelp will allow users to upload videos when they review a restaurant or business. Uploaded videos are restricted to 3-12 seconds, and users have the option to add a cover photo as well as a caption. Videos will be filtered using the same system that photos are filtered with.

As more videos get added, the ones voted most helpful will sit atop of all others in the gallery. The company says they are the feature because it will help users of the service to get a better idea of what the mood and experience of a restaurant or business is really like.

The service will only be available to Yelp's "Elite users" at first but will eventually be made available to the rest of Yelp users.

*note: The statistic and picture were both taken from