3 Reasons Website Redesigns Are Stalled

There's nothing more frustrating than missing a deadline - for everyone involved in a project. And, regardless of fault (e.g. unrealistic expectations from clients and lack of feedback and direction from them) designers are the only ones left with a reputation for tardiness (to put it nicely).

The fact is, however, that 49 percent of redesign projects are not finished and launched on time. This means, to keep their reputations in check, designers must not only be creative masterminds, but also organized project managers.

Yaron Sinai, founder of Elementool.com, a project management software solution, says there are the three common pitfalls of website redesign projects not being completed on time:

1. POOR REQUIREMENTS: Clearly you didn't fully understand your client's needs and started developing a project that is different from what the client actually wanted.

2. MISSING PRIORITIES: The reason your team is going crazy is that you didn't define priorities to tasks, so low priority tasks were completed before high priority tasks. Now everybody is completely stressed out trying to get the important tasks done at the last minute. It's a recipe for disaster.

3. SCOPE CREEP: You keep adding new features and changing the project plan, so, without even realizing it, your project has been getting further and further out of control until it exploded into this mess you have here.

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