4 Design Trends for Drupal Sites

By David Lewis, Byte Productions

Designing a site for Drupal can be a little bit intimidating but it ranks among the top three content management systems (CMS).

Some of the finest sites employ Drupal as their CMS. Even the White House's official website is written on Drupal. Designing a site that will be as professional and excellent as this one can cause you sleepless nights. The pressure will be a little bit too much. It should be pointed out that enlisting the help of a professional team of developers is the best course of action, but you'll want to go into the design process knowing a few trends for Drupal sites today, including:

Infinite Scroll

This is a new thing and you probably have noticed already. People love lists, but people hate having to load another page to check a list (a tactic often used by publishers to get more page views/clicks). Therefore, many sites nowadays are coming up with the option to view as one page. You will be able to scroll the list to the bottom. The endless scroll feature started out with blogs where all posts on the blog were visible on one page.

It is a great style to lure people when you are using the storytelling feature for the work. If you have fantastic content for your Drupal blog or site and you add this feature to it, you are all but guaranteed to have captured the attention of your visitors.

Card Layout

Also known as the magazine layout (pioneered by Pinterest), the card layout simply converts a website into a pinboard-style magazine.

The best thing about this design style is that it presents the content of a website in small bits. Since many people scan through websites, this method is going to work wonderfully for your website. The cards are 'content containers'. They come with a rectangular shape which is easy on the eyes and easy to re-arrange should you want to do so.

Animated Sites

There are two types of animations that are being used heavily nowadays; large-scale and small-scale animations. The large-scale animations have a greater impact on users. They include effects like the pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling. Small-scale animations include hover tools, spinners, loading bars, etc., and they do not require any input from the user. The animating technique that you will use is dependent on what improves the user experience and helps your site reach its goals.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism is the in-thing today. Less can also be more sometimes, an approach that minimalist designers use. The thing about minimalist Web design is that it works on all sorts of websites. The site's design is stripped to the most basic elements that are necessary for it to function. Take a quick tour of the Web and you will come across some amazing minimalist designs. It is not that they have a tag written somewhere that they are minimalist designs. In fact, you might not notice a difference; only that they are faster (due to their light weight) and they have plenty of room for creativity. It might sound like such an easy thing to develop this design but that is far from the case.

Drupal for the Win

Sites that are based on Drupal are among the best, but if they do not abide by the rules of Web designing that are being used in this day and era, they are not going to perform at their best. It is thus of great importance to get in touch with a team of experts in Web designing to help you out. They are always up to date with the latest in Web design. Author bio

David Lewis is a Web development expert with more than six years' experience at Byte Productions LLC.