Animated Text To Get Your Webpage Moving

Text is an essential part of the digital experience so designers should know how to work with it - in both traditional as well other innovative ways.

Fortunately, there are lots of techniques (and tech) to get the text on a website moving. Website Magazine previously profiled Textillate (, for example, a plugin built on animate.css and lettering.js for CSS3 text animations built by Jordan Schroter ( but there are alternatives and you will find a few (three) solid suggestions to start animated text for your users' digital experience.

Textualizer: A jquery plugin that allows users to transition through text blurbs (built by LinkedIn software engineer Kiro Risk).

FunnyText: A jquery plugin to create animated text with control over speed, direction, color and size (built by Algaro Trigo).

NoVacancy: A very creative jQuery plugin to create a text-based, glowing neon effect - complete with blinking letters (built by Chucky Glitch).