Back-to-School Redesign Boosts Conversions

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Aug, 2014

Launching a website redesign is challenging - especially for retailers with large inventories.

Recently, school supply ecommerce retailer Chalkfly unveiled a redesigned, fully responsive website. Since the retailer offers more than 60,000 products, navigation was definitely a focus of the redesign. To help with this key area of the site, Chalkfly leveraged SLI Systems' site search functionality. In just four months the retailer saw an increase in both conversion rate and average order value.

"Given our broad selection of products and the looming presence of some pretty hefty competitors, we knew search would provide us with a critical edge - and SLI has a great solution," said Lissa Cupp, CMO Chalkfly. "Since implementing SLI, our conversion rates, for customers who performed a search have increased 30 percent and the average order values overall have increased by 33 percent. On top of upping the search ante with SLI, we've gained some tips on simplifying the search process for customers, especially during Back-to-School season."

To prepare for the revamped site and to address the back-to-school product needs for teachers and students, Chalkfly used historical data and worked with local Parent Teacher Organizations to identify key supplies for each grade. With this data, the search team curated categories and Back to School kits organized by grade to provide options that would ease the shopping process. Plus, these kits increased purchases by allowing Chalkfly to market additional in-demand products to shoppers.

"With SLI functionality, Chalkfly's search results are more precise and customers are incentivized with custom search result product banners that put some of the best-selling products at their fingertips. The website makes the most of each customer's search experience, marrying shoppers with the products they need," said Tim Callan, CMO, SLI Systems. "SLI's sophisticated search tool will continuously refine search results based on visitor behavior data, further increasing average order values."