Designer Friendly Pricing for Cross Browser Testing

Designers and developers struggle with cross browser testing, as there are so many possible variations that it's difficult to ensure everything looks the way it was intended. Your website might look like a million bucks in a Safari Browser on a Mac, but as if a novice built it on a machine running Linux with a Firefox browser. The solution? Cross Browser Testing, and perhaps provider enables designers and developers to verify their site across Windows, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu operating systems as well as through multiple different browsers types and versions. The service provides live testing on these platforms via a VNC connection, so the layout can be reviewed (as you can with screenshot type services) and how your site performs "live" to verify the flow, look for javascript or ajax issues, etc.

Where really stands out is in their pricing method. While its competitors force recurring monthly fees, CBT offers a pay-as-you-use approach. This pricing model is extremely client-friendly, especially in the design and development industries, when a service like this is important but you could technically go without it. Webmasters (designers and developers) can test their sites at no cost, although the sessions are limited to 5 minutes. Over 5K web designers have signed up for the service already which is a testament to both the need and the value the service provides.

Website Magazine will take a closer look at this service and others in a future print edition.