Designers Flock to the GoDaddy Pro Program

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 Sep, 2015

The GoDaddy Pro Program has already passed 50,000 members since its launch just five months ago, and is now expanding its capabilities.

The enhancements to the Program include a set of tools and capabilities exclusively for Web designers and developers. For instance, the Program's members can now assign products from their own GoDaddy account to their clients, see associated costs and keep track of miscellaneous details via the new "notes" feature. Plus, the new Google PageSpeed integration enables designers and developers to assess the performance of their client's site and get improvement recommendations.

It is also important to note that starting in the U.S., GoDaddy Pro Program members are now automatically directed to the special Pros-only support line, even if they dial the main customer care support line. This means that designers and developers no longer need to call a special support phone number.

At launch, the GoDaddy Pro Program came with a variety of tools and capabilities for Web designers and developers, including a client management application, access to advanced technical support, real-time website monitoring with automated alerts and the ability to access and manage clients' GoDaddy products without using passwords.

"It's clear from the swift adoption rate of the GoDaddy Pro Program that this product has quickly become an essential tool for web and design professionals," said Jeff King, senior vice president and general manager of hosting at GoDaddy. "The GoDaddy Pro Program is focused on saving web designers and developers time, and helping them exceed their client's expectations. We are continuing to evolve the GoDaddy Pro Program based on user feedback to help them look great in front of their clients and have more time to do what they love and are paid to do - build fantastic websites."