Extensions for Chrome-Ready Web Designers/Developers

Chrome use is increasing and as such it is always useful to explore some of the more interesting and helpful extensions for that browser environment.

The extensions below have been selected from the Google Chrome Extensions directory. As you might imagine, we're featuring extensions which provide designers and developers access to important functionality.

Pendule: This extension gives Web developers the ability to view, reload or disable CSS, view JavaScript, make modifications to Web forms (e.g. conver GETs to POSTs and vice versa), show/hide images, view source. Pendule eve includes a color picker and a display ruler, and even provides a topograhic view to see the nesting level of elements. 

Resolution Test: This extension changes the size of the browser window so designers and developers can preview their website in different screen resolutions. All of the standard screen resolutions are included but users of the extension also have the ability to add their own. Users also have the option to turn on Google Browser Size. Also see - Windows Resizer

Webpage Screenshot: One of the easiest extensions available for capturing webpage screenshots and saving PNG/JPG. Other features include a nice set of drawing tools, the ability to add text, upload and share (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail), option to print directly, save to HD and more.

TinEye Reverse Image Search: A useful extension to keep at the ready. TinEye is an image search engine which uses image identification technology. If you need to find out where an image came from, how it is being used, or find higher resolution images. 

Validity: An extension that is used to validate HTML documents from the address bar. The extension validates the current document without leaving the page. The number of eerors can be see in the tool top and details within the JavaScript console. Users have the option to use their own W3C validation Service installation.