Finding Free Creative Assets at Veer (and elsewhere)

Who wants to pay for images? Sometimes you have to but you never, ever want to, right? Fortunately, the Web provides quite a few places to obtain images for use on your website - oftentimes it can be cost prohibitive however. If you're looking for some high quality assets and don't want to spend a dime, head on over to's new free product section.

The company has released a section on their website which can be used by anyone at no cost. While a little light in quantity (quite light actually) the section is not just limited to images. Fonts, illustrations, wallpapers, screensavers, fonts and an add-in for Microsoft Office are also available in the section and new images and illustrations are added weekly (new fonts added monthly).

Another of my recent favorite finds is Membership is free and all the photos and graphics are actually free believe it or not. There are a handful of rules but the quality is quite good.

What online image service do you use? Share your recommendation with other Website Magazine readers by commenting below!