Forrst Offers Virtual Currency for Designers and Developers

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 22 Dec, 2010

The popular online design and development community Forrst has announced the introduction of its new take on virtual currency, called Acorns. Members can now purchase Acorns for $5 apiece through PayPal, and then cash them in for a specific number of guaranteed impressions to promote their most important posts.

Designers and developers utilize the Forrst community to exchange ideas and information about current projects, potential jobs, new products, etc. With the introduction of Acorns, users can indirectly purchase pageviews for the posts they want given the most exposure among the Web design and development community.

Forrst also said that the new currency would be used for additional items "over the next few months", indicating some product rollouts in early 2011.