Get Fast, Free Access to Images with Foter

Picture this: You're a blogger, online journalist or Web developer in dire need of a great photo to really jazz up your latest piece of content or Web page. But finding the right one with access permissions is difficult and, depending on how Web-savvy you are, getting it uploaded to your site can be even harder.

Thankfully, we have Creative Commons, an organization dedicated to helping build a community of users to share content, usually photos and images, amongst one another. And now there is also, a site that hosts more than 190 million Creative Commons images and provides them to content websites with fast and free access.

Users can find photos by using the site's search feature to look for specific tags or keywords, or by browsing their selection of categories, which includes everything from art and food to landscapes and music.

While the presence of hundreds of millions of Creative Commons-licensed images makes an incredibly useful resource for Web developers and content publishers, the service's real selling point is its easy one-click insertion intentionally designed for convenience. After finding the perfect picture, users can re-size and position the image to best fit their Web page, and then they simply have to grab the image's embed code and paste it onto the site.

Images are also available for download.

Foter even has a WordPress plugin that helps developers utilize this stockpile of images in the creation of their sites and promotes the exact same functionality as