Fun with Fonts: 3 Brands Making a Statement

Most websites can get away with choosing traditional font choices on their websites; startups, those catering to the design community and other companies just looking to make a statement, however, can successfully use uncommon typography elements to stand out from the digital crowd.

Here's a quick look at three websites with interesting font choices for your inspiration:


Using all caps and Judson font for the Web page text and Damion for the logo, Pump Restaurant (featured on Bravo reality TV shows) makes a statement with its typography choices as shown using the WhatFont Chrome extension below.


A New York-based digital agency, Canvas pushes the digital envelope not by its font types necessarily (according to WhatFont different sans-serif fonts) but rather through parallax scrolling; it changes the background of its logo as the visitors scrolls down the page.

Version 1:


Version 2:


Using NudistaWeb according to WhatFont, Fueled's font choices are cool and complementary to the cityscape image used in the background on the homepage. As a mobile app development company, Fueled can afford to be a little daring with font choices and that is what it has done. Anyone who has a minute to spare should check out how the company showcases its customer stories as well (on its homepage).