Grow Your Biz With Designer Partner Platform

Web designers and resellers looking to grow their businesses may want to check out LightCMS's new partner platform, which gives them access to the full content management system. 


The new LightCMS Partner Platform provides agencies and resellers  the ability to create websites with unlimited pages, unlimited storage and online store capabilities including, unlimited product capacity, multi-website management under a single account and top-tier Web hosting. On the same token, the new Partner Platform does not require special programming languages and offloads server maintenance, hosting and upgrades to LightCMS, a NetSuite company.


In short, partners get access to LightCMS's reseller tools, plus the opportunity to sell websites to their clients at more than 80 percent off its retail pricing.


"The LightCMS Partner Platform creates a huge opportunity for the future of design agencies such as ours," said Mark Caswell, owner of the UK-based design firm Independent Web Marketing. "The flexible and attractive pricing is an added bonus for an easy-to-use platform that has helped us more than double our customer base in 30 months and we expect to double it again in the next 18 months."


This explainer video offers more information about the Partner Platform.