Hooked! Mobile Design Interaction on the Web

You have to admit that the modern "mobile" world is changing all sorts of things about the traditional Web - and not just that we're now all designing with a "responsive" mindset. It's bringing some rather creative UI/UX features into the mix too.

A good example of this comes in Hook.js, a rather lightweight javascript file, which provides  "pull-to-refresh" capabilities for Web pages. While it has its roots in mobile, I at least expect that it will soon make its way onto websites that need to encourage their users to refresh a page - such as real-time news and information sites, or perhaps even for a few online publishers looking to tack on a couple more additional ad impressions - wink, wink.

There are actually a few other instances when developers were able to take features once thought of as exclusively for the mobile experience and port them over for use in traditional desktop Web experiences. Website Magazine will be profiling some in an upcoming issue but one things remains certain - it's certainly a rather exciting time to be a designer.