Life-Size Your Product Images with LifeSizer

Product images, particuarly for Internet retailers, can be a blessing or a curse - depending on how seriously you take the development and display of those assets. 

There has really not been much in the way of innovation in product image technology, but take my word for it - that is certainly changing. Announcing its public beta launch today, is a Web-based service that might just prove critical to your ecommerce sucess.

A patent-pending technology, the solution provides merchants with the ability to show website visitors the actual size of a product on their computer or mobile device. LifeSizer does this by calculating the physical dimensions of an object within an image to determine the pixels per actual life-size inch. That data is sent to LifeSizer servers, where it is calibrated, stored and ready for display by merchants on their own sites through the integration of some basic code. 

The benefits of employing such a solution are numerous for merchants. Without question, of course, the most significant is that software such as LifeSizer provides a way to reduce a shopper's uncertainty, which reduces returns and ultimately improves the experience of the buyer - who is then more likely to return in the future. 

While only launching this week, LifeSizer has managed to break out with one vendor in UncommonGoods, an online retailer offering sustainably designed products. 

"We've always heard questions about the size of our products and now shoppers can see the exact size as if they were looking at the item in person. LifeSizer's technology was simple to integrate and customers that use it convert at a higher rate" says David Bolotsky, CEO and founder of UncommonGoods.