Logo Design Made Easy for Business Owners

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 02 Sep, 2010

A company logo can make a big difference in today's competitive online marketplace, making its design one of the most important jobs a business owner will ever entrust to someone. One website has decided that crowdsourcing will yield the best results, and has introduced an intriguing new concept to business logo design.

/subscribe/" invites entrepreneurs and other business owners to visit the site and fill out a form with the creative and conceptual specifications of a project, which will then go out to a community of thousands of designers who will compete for the job. The project holder sets the amount of "prize money" to be awarded to the winner, $19 and 7.5 percent of which goes to Guru for listing and processing fees. The project holder can upload as many return submissions as they want and have unlimited collaborations with the designers, and Guru offers a money-back guarantee if they do not receive at least 30 logo concepts in the initial exchange.

The average price for business logos has been around $250, and other projects to be awarded in the process have included brochures, Web templates and more. Guru's growing design community has shown as much enthusiasm for the idea as its customers have thus far since it gives them a market in which to showcase their talents and earn jobs.