Marketers, Meet Your New All-In-One" Digital Ad Designer"

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 13 Jun, 2014

The process of creating a single digital advertisement can be unbelievably complex and expensive. Not only is the salary of the digital professionals that create the ad expensive but so is the technology that is purchased to make it.

Many marketers use different technologies for each step of the ad creation process which creates an inefficient workflow. However, one company is looking to take advantage of the divided market by offering an all-in-one solution.

FunMobility, a mobile engagement platform, has announced a new offering into the digital advertisement market called Mobile Engagement Ad Units. This new solution is a one-stop-shop of sorts for digital marketers allowing them to create, target, launch and measure the success of digital advertisements all from one place.

The ads that are created by FunMobility's new solution lie on top of whatever app or website the user is on and takes them to an entirely different page when the ad is selected, meaning that it does not disrupt whatever the user was doing before. Marketers can also enable the ads to allow consumers to sign up for future offers and promotions from the company via email, phone or text message.

"Everybody we talk to understands the importance of engaging their customer on mobile devices," said the CEO of FunMobility Adam Lavine. "Users spend 2.5 hours per day looking at their mobile screens, and advertisers need effective, authentic ways of connecting with their audience on these social devices. FunMobility Mobile Engagement Ad Units open a new path for brand advertisers and retailers to launch highly engaging, brand-quality mobile advertisements."