Millions of New Images Available at Wix has teamed up with Bigstock to provide its users with access to millions of high-quality, licensable images.

Bigstock is a Shutterstock brand that offers a marketplace with more than 21 million photos, videos, vectors and illustrations. As most Internet professionals know, visual content is an important aspect of Web design. In fact, Wix data shows that the use of images by the company's customers has increased by more than 150 percent.

"Our users need affordable, accessible and high-quality images to enrich their websites, and this partnership answers that need," says Nir Zohar, president and COO of Wix. "The collaboration with Bigstock brings millions of professional grade images right to their fingertips, giving users yet another tool to create an online presence that looks exactly the way they want."

Through the partnership, Wix's 56 million users will be able to search and discover images by keyword or category, as well as modify those images without leaving the Wix platform. In addition, the partnership provides Bigstock's contributors with a growing distribution channel for their images, as Wix has seen 59 percent year-over-year growth in its premium subscribers in the most recent quarter.

"Bigstock offers Wix's customers a simple and intuitive search experience to help create a beautiful, dynamic online presence," says Michal Krasnodebski, general manager of Bigstock. "This collaboration expands the global reach of our business. By integrating our API with the Wix platform, we support the simplicity Wix provides its users to manage their web presence from a single, unified location."