No Coding Needed, Wix Unveils HTML5 Web Design

DIY website design solution Wix released a new website builder which supports HTML5.

Wix, best known for its Flash-based platform, launched in 2006 and millions of users have flocked to the system since. As the Web has evolved, Wix was obviously forced to evolve as well. Newer digital media channels such as mobile/tablets and Facebook don't support Flash which threatens to make solutions such as Wix all but extinct.

Support for HTML5 exposes a whole new digital world of possibilities for Wix and digital designers. The new tool enable users to create cross-platform compatible websites and benefit from faster loading time, better interactivity and simplified integration with other tools/platforms.

"The Web, mobile and tablet channels are highly dynamic spaces where opportunities to connect with mass audiences are endless, and people shouldn't be left out of that wave because they cannot write website code. With Wix, our HTML5 product offers unlimited opportunity to those who want the most beautiful HTML5 websites without all the technical headaches," said Avishai Abrahami, Wix' CEO and Co-founder. "Building a website should be as effortless as everything else the Web now offers, and Wix is about giving you the freedom to design the website you want with great looking results. It's your personality, with a professional quality."

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