Photofolio: Web Design Portfolio

I've been on the lookout for more solutions for Web designers and creative types like photographers interested in showcasing their work.

About one month ago, we looked at a search-engine friendly solution in Profolio, but Photofolio - a Flash and PHP website photo portfolio option - is another that you might want to consider.

PhotoFolio is very simple to use. Simply make a new directory and upload images. Then, run 'bi.php' (build index) which is in your Photofolio folder on the server by loading it in your browser to create an XML index of all your images. Finally, load 'bt.php' (build thumbnails) in your Photofolio folder to create thumbnails.

PhotoFolio should work fine on any webserver that supports PHP 4.3 or higher with GD support. Actually, PHP is only required if you want to use the included scripts to create the XML list of images and thumbnails. You could certainly edit the xml and create thumbnails with some other tool and just upload them to the server. For those designers wanting to add commenting, if the server hosting the install supports the PHP EXIF extension, Photofolio will retrieve the 'comment' field from the jpegs EXIF data.