Usabilla's Design Templates Optimize User Experience

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 12 Jan, 2012

Usabilla has introduced a series of new testing templates that enable companies to set up a number of diverse design tests for their webpages in 30 seconds.

The new templates allow marketers, designers, analysts and usability experts to use design feedback to optimize user experience (UX) and offers a dashboard that lets them see how their tests are performing in a clear overview. A video demonstration of the new feedback templates can be viewed in action.

The new Usabilla ready-made testing templates for design feedback include the following:

-    A call-to-action test to find out if users know how to contact you
-    A likes and dislikes test to collect feedback about what your users think about your webpage
-    A trust test to determine which visuals help to gain user trust
-    A priority test to measure what users think is the most relevant content on your page

Groups of participants answer questions about attitude and user experience with points and notes on top of a website page from their computers or mobile devices. The collected feedback and results of a survey are then analyzed and presented visually with charts and heat maps.

Usabilla's customers involve their users and the public to create user-inspired design, and can use these visual insights to improve user experience and optimize their websites - all without slowing down development cycles.