Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

Anna Rodriguez
by Anna Rodriguez 07 Jan, 2015

Creating an attractive website isn't enough to entice visitors and drive sales; savvy business owners know it also has to be user friendly, innovative and easy to navigate.


A great website-one that takes into consideration all the elements that drives customer engagement-is one that will help you move a business forward.


In this article, we have listed a few Web design trends that small business owners should be aware of. 


1. Mobile Mania

Your mobile Web design can make or break your brand. As more and more people use their mobile phones and tablets to browse and surf the net, it is very important to make your Web content scaled for any kind of browser, tablet or mobile device. 


2. Infinite Scrolling

The infinite scrolling feature is usually seen on social media platforms, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. The principle behind this is the fact that people tend to scroll more if they don't need to wait for the next page to load when the end of a particular Web page is reached. This makes it "addictive" and will drive potential customers to stay longer on your website, allowing them to view more content. Here's an example in action. 



3. Artful Animations

If your Web content is more on the serious or technical side, consider animating some of the elements so that your website doesn't come off as too stiff. For example, instead of having static charts and tables, employ the help of a professional Web designer to make these elements more colorful and dynamic. Remember, humans are visual creatures; the more visually appealing something is, the more likely they are to be interested in it.


4. Clean, Not Cluttered

Top Web designs are usually the less-cluttered ones. Having too much going on in the homepage of your website may confuse your viewers and potentially drive them away. This is why it is usually best to keep it simple. Strike a balance between content and space, and be sure to make your website easy on the eyes. If you're using a WordPress theme for your website, choose one with a minimalist layout.



5. Tasteful Typography

While most designers would stick to using a maximum of two types of fonts on a page, it still pays to break the rules sometimes. These days, experimenting with fonts is acceptable, sometimes even encouraged. As long as visual appeal is not compromised, this should work wonders for your brand.


6. Superb Storytelling

This approach to website design makes use of compelling copy and creative imagery to drive interest and intrigue as a user scrolls down the page. This works so well because it's unconventional and fun. Pulling this off is quite a challenge, but it's a sure hit if you get it right. Check out this example from Sony. 



7. Short and Sweet

These days, people are just too busy or impatient to scroll through a huge block of text. A visual material with too many words is likely to overwhelm a user, and eventually drive him away. Keep this in mind when creating a website, and make sure to keep your written content crisp, witty and to-the-point.


8. Social Media Savvy

Some users opt to visit companies' social media accounts to know if they actively engage with their clients. Considering that you have an active social media presence, make sure to link these accounts in your website. Doing so will also help you gain exposure through multiple platforms.


While all of these trends have helped companies build compelling websites, it's always best to think outside the box. Expand on these ideas to create more original content, and find a way to make your website provide an unforgettable user experience. This way, even if users are not looking to avail of your products and services at the moment, your website will be the first one they'll visit when they do.