Analyzing Where Users Click - Open Source Heatmap Cannoli

Where are users "clicking" on your page?

Tracking website visits using heat maps is perhaps the easiest way to determine where users are clicking. Many analytics solutions have added the functionality to their set of core features, so you may be using the information already. If not, the visual representations of how/where users are taking action can provide Web professionals with valuable insights into how content presentation is performing - or should perform.

Some of the most popular hosted services, covered at great length on Website Magazine and elsewhere, are Clickdensity and CrazyEgg. But there are open source variations, including ClickHeat and now, another open source click heatmap solution has hit the market, and it's certainly one to consider using.

Cannoli (created by codynamix) is written in Ruby on Rails 2.2 and based on the Ruwa analytics solution. Features include the ability to "save" clicks, to develop per page generated heat maps, and to generate statistics (provided by Ruwa itself).

- Found through Web Analytics World