Content Marketing Analytics Available at Informly

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 03 May, 2013

A new analytics service from Informly is helping small business owners and bloggers optimize their content production.

The Content Marketing Analytics service expands on Informly's analytics dashboard that was launched last year for small businesses. The service aims to help users build their audience and create content that generates leads.

"A lot of our customers are embracing content marketing and producing regular blog posts on their sites. They all use Google Analytics but it doesn't really give them the actionable information they need," said Dan Norris, founder of Informly. "For example they are trying to build and engage an audience but Analytics doesn't tell them who their audience is. Informly tells them exactly who is converting on their site, what content they consumed and lists their site, Klout score and social profiles to enable them to connect further."

In addition to the people-tracking features, Informly connects to users' blogs, brings in all of their posts and displays key stats such as views, tweets, likes, backlinks, conversions and more. Users can also sort by any of these metrics to find the posts that are having the most impact. However, Norris notes that onsite analytics is not Informly's only offering. 

"We built Informly originally as an aggregator that showed customers stats from a whole bunch of different places such as MailChimp, Xero etc," said Norris. "These features are still available so content marketers and bloggers can get their onsite stats right alongside other charts like financial metrics, rank tracking and more. They can even get a daily HTML email that includes all of the charts directly in their emails with no attachments."