DataHero and Marketo Help Marketers Dig Deeper into Data

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 Jan, 2015

Self-service cloud data visualization tool DataHero has unveiled a new partnership with marketing automation platform Marketo, which will help users dig deeper into their data and analyze their marketing funnel.

Through the integration, Marketo's customers will be able to pull in analytics from lead activity reports to identify the sources, campaigns and leads that add the most to their bottom line. Moreover, DataHero can filter based on lead score, identify where the best leads come from and monitor the entire marketing funnel.

"2015 is gearing up to be the year of cloud data," said DataHero CEO and co-founder Chris Neumann. "Our partnership with Marketo helps marketers dig deeper into their marketing automation data and instantly combine it with cloud data from other services they rely on, providing a full picture of their marketing pipeline."

It is important to note that DataHero creates suggested charts based on patterns in data and also offers the ability to build custom charts to fit individual needs. Plus, charts and dashboards are automatically updated as the data in Marketo changes in order to provide users with real-time analysis. DataHero also allows users to merge data with other sources, including Excel files and additional cloud services.