Topple into Social Analytics with Topsy

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 Aug, 2012

Get ready to dive into a deluge of tweets - thanks to real-time social analytics provider Topsy.

The company just launched Topsy Pro Analytics, which is an analytics solution that provides users access to hundreds of billions of public tweets, as well as enables real-time and multi-year access to posts and pages gathered from millions of socially active websites across the 'Net.

By leveraging Topsy Pro Analytics, users can make better business decisions by analyzing exact measurements of terms, topics, hashtags, links, images, videos and trends. The platform offers users instant results for searched topics, and also enables them to highlight important content in order to down-score spam.

Topsy also added additional data to each of the more than 400 million Tweets and other social posts that the company indexes daily - including geographic location, social sentiment, language and influence. With this data, marketers can find their top influencers, determine how positive (or negative) a conversation regarding specific terms or topics is, discover which geographic location is home to the most social activity and analyze the exposure and impact of particular topics.

Although Topsy Pro Analytics will be especially helpful to marketers who will be able to monitor their competitors' social campaigns and websites, it should also prove beneficial to journalists who can leverage the platform to analyze, detect and follow breaking news and trending topics.

"Organizations want to tap into the public social web to identify, quantify and understand what people are saying and Topsy Pro Analytics puts the world's largest social media dataset at their fingertips," says Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Topsy"The analytics technologies we've created are scaling to power what has become the world's largest index of the public social web. Companies including sparks & honey and The Washington Post are already tapping into our realtime social analytics to fulfill their needs."