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Essential Marketing Skills Every Person Should Know

Posted on 4.05.2014

:: By Ilan Nass, Fueled ::

Still think marketing has to be sleazy?

It doesn't have to be. Let’s face it. Without properly marketing yourself and your business, it will guarantee to flop. You would be surprised at how much marketing you already do. Think about when you have to explain an idea to someone, try to make someone feel better or even attempt to negotiate rates. It’s all marketing.

While essential marketing skills sound easy on the surface, many people forget to employ these tactics. It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing rookie or an industry veteran, get these essential marketing skills right and you’ll be set for life. At least, in business anyway.

Express Yourself Well In Person

Yes, most communication you do today will probably take on the form of instant messaging, emailing or texting - when you are able to think and rewrite at will. Virtual communication has its downside, however, as it often takes a more relaxed tone, but when communicating face to face, it's even more important to remember proper etiquette and be poised.

Become an SEO Expert

You can’t ignore SEO, and it isn’t necessarily all about keywords either. If your business is online, it’s essential that you use this tool to future your company. Make sure you keep updated on the latest changes and constantly review what techniques you’re using, because what may have been effective a month ago, could be considered "black hat" today.

Craft a Killer Story

Everyone has a story. What's yours? Think you don't have one? Well, every business and employee started somewhere - there's your story. You absolutely need to generate personal interest from your clients and customers. If not, why should they bother to do business with you? Remember that the way you craft your story will be how the public views you and your company. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. So, make your personal story and your brand's one that clients can relate to and find appealing.

Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough

The reality is that sometimes your marketing efforts will be a total flop, and you will have to face some harsh realities concerning your business. Know that every entrepreneur goes through this from time to time, and adjust your marketing accordingly, and eventually you’ll get it right. The key is to be persistent.

Write Perfect Pitches

Going back to crafting a killer story, writing a perfect pitch is essential if you want to win your client’s heart (and wallet!).  It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you need to be able to write well. In fact, you want to woo your client by putting together words that’ll have them convinced you’re the one. Think about writing a love letter. The recipient probably has dozens of other suitors, so you better make sure you stand above the rest. Make sure your pitch packs a punch from the first line.

Know Your Audience

Your audience is potential customers and clients, so yes, they are everything. Without them, would you really be in business? Equally as important is listening to what they have to say about your brand. A variety of social listening tools exist, so you can engage your audience in meaningful ways and respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Ilan Nass is the head of marketing at Fueled, the leading iPhone app builder in New York City, renowned for its award winning mobile design and strategy.

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