Web.com Launches New Professional QuickStart Website Service

Doug Hughes
by Doug Hughes 15 Feb, 2023

Getting your business off the ground requires a lot of effort. A website is a key component to starting most businesses. Some business owners enjoy the process of thinking about and working with designers on designing the perfect site for their business. For others, the process is daunting and outside their areas of expertise.


Additionally, many small business startups getting off the ground don't have $10-$15K to spend on a website. If this sounds like you and you're considering options, you may find this article helpful. 


Web.com Launches New Professional QuickStart Website Service


Today, Web.com announced the launch of its new professional QuickStart website service. Web.com is a leading provider of internet services and online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. 





Web.com's primary focus is on providing website design and development services together with a range of online marketing solutions, including search engine optimization(SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing. In business since 1997, Web.com has established a strong reputation in the industry.


With over three million customers in North America and Europe, Web.com is one of the largest providers of web hosting and online marketing. The company is also publicly traded and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol WEB.


Business Owners Get a Professionally Designed Website in Days



Launch of the new professional QuickStart website service focuses on speed and affordability. In just days, business owners can get a professionally designed website. Web.com's in-house web design staff works with you to capture your business's look and branding. Instead of working with freelancers where there are no guarantees, working with Web.com pairs you with an established, publicly traded industry leader in business for over 20 years. 


Normally, business owners would expect to pay additionally for copy, content development, images, and optimization. The new QuickStart website service includes all of this. Additionally, the service includes:

  • A free domain name with domain privacy.

  • Free business email addresses.

  • Free SSL certificate which provides visitors an added measure of security. 


Once the site is up and running, business owners also get access to the company's easy-to-use website builder to add, change, or edit any content. Web.com offers all this for a limited time at the almost unbelievable price of $199. A price upsetting to many in the web design and development space. 


According to Ed Jay, President of Web.com's parent company Newfold Digital, "With the QuickStart website service, small businesses can get their website up fast. Web.com's team of experts build the initial website. Customers then maintain it on their own with our world-class DIY website tools. In what will feel like 'no time', you'll have a professional and functional website to work with and promote." 

If you're on a tight budget and need a website fast, Web.com's professional QuickStart website service is worth considering. To view the special visit Web.com.