31 Back-to-School Keyword Targets

For most students, summer is in full swing. Going back to school is far from the top of their minds. However, for retailers, online marketers and publishers, back-to-school should be top-of-mind. Take a look at the chart shown here. This is the search volume for "back to school," taken from Google Trends. You will notice that consumers start their back-to-school research (and, therefore shopping) right about now. In fact, from today to mid-August, search volume will triple.

The chart below "Search Volume index" indicates news references across Google. That's also about to spike -- meaning the opportunities to benefit from back-to-school traffic is not limited to retailers but can include bloggers and publishers, too.

Clearly, its time to optimize for for back-to-school traffic and keywords. Below the chart are 31 keyphrases to consider targeting, either for organic rankings or for paid search. These keywords were found using Google's External Keyword Tool and Wonder Wheel. Keep in mind, variations of these keywords and phrases can be used as well -- for example, 'back to school kindergarten supplies,' 'back to school college supplies,' etc.

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