1-15-07: What

There's always a list of things we never get around to blogging about so I figure why not draft up a list, ala Steve Rubel. Well, here goes today's What Spymac today unveiled Leapfrog, the highly-anticipated Web 2.0 portal that lets the entire world video chat, share movies, pictures and music across the Internet -- and earn money at the same time. Leapfrog is available now in more than fifteen international languages and works on both PCs and Macs.

- TemplateSuperstore.com has just been launched by Web2Corp, providing intermediate internet content creators with a destination to purchase thousands of pre-designed templates to fill with content.

- The Online Business & Podcasting Expo  will be held January 19-21, 2007. All that is needed to attend is an internet connection and speakers, and a microphone for verbal interaction. All of the audio/visual seminar classes and networking events are recorded on data DVD for shipment to full admission attendees.

- eMagine today announced the launch of its internet blog dealing exclusively with B2B web strategy. The new blog is intended primarily for the marketing professionals and senior management of business-to-business companies, but may also be of interest to investors, analysts, press and anyone else who needs to keep up with the web strategy and Internet marketing knowledge domain.

- Image by Request offers a one-of-a-kind, and free, service to webmasters searching for photographs and illustrations. Webmasters can now request images directly from registered professional photographers and illustrators, giving the webmaster unique creative, exactly as requested, at a price comparable to buying stock photography.