47 Weblog Directories, Portals & Platforms

You need links and lots of them. If you're a blogger however acquiring links can seem challenging if not downright impossible at times - even more so than for ecommerce or service-oriented sites. Our upcoming June 2010 issue features a helpful article from John Alexander of Search Engine Academy called "Stress-Free Link Building" which I'm sure will be an instant hit among our audience as it provides very practical insights on this challenging aspect of search engine optimization and guidance on how the problem can be overcome.


That upcoming article will be available early June for Website Magazine monthly subscribers. If you're not yet a member you can sign up now or keep reading below for some related guidance.


Alexander's article got me thinking during our final round of edits how truly common the feeling of stress must be among those responsible for building links. Since finding sites that like what you do enough to send a link your way is so time consuming, many opt instead by starting their link building campaigns by submitting to directories. This can be especially helpful for those that frame their sites exclusively as weblogs. Below we've listed some of the top blog/weblog directories on the 'Net and provided an estimate (courtesy of the DoubleClick Ad Planner) on their monthly unique visitors.


These sources should be just one part of a multi-phase link building effort but it's handy to use them to get your link building underway. Keep in mind that many of these are not your traditional "directory" or "portal" but rather multi-user blogging platforms. But hey, a link's a link - especially when you're getting started. Did we miss one (or two)? Comment below and let aboutus.org (1.7M)


allforblog.com (9.4K)


biggerblogger.com (13K)


blloggs.com (1K)


blogarama.com (63K)


blogburst.com (22K)


BlogCatalog.com (2.9M)


blog-collector.com (10K)




blog-directory.org  (21K)


blogdirectory001.com  (10K)


blogexplosion.com  (44K)


blogflux.com  (260K)


bloggapedia.com  (57K)


Blogged.com  (760K)


Bloggeries.com  (52K)


bloggernity.com (58K)




bloggernow.com (26K)




bloggerschoiceawards.com  (58K)


bloggingfusion.com  (24K)


bloghub.com  (48K)


blogintro.com  (8.7K)


blogio.net  (12K)


bloglisting.net  (22K)


blogobbler.com  (8.5K)


blogoriffic.com  (13K)


blogpulse.com  (76K)


blogrankings.com  (150K)


blogs-collection.com  (25K)


blog-search.com  (30K)


blogsearchengine.com  (43K)


blogsforsmallbusiness.com  (9.4K)


bloguniverse.com  (15K)


blogville.us  (18K)


getblogs.com  (10K)


Globeofblogs.com (47K)




liquida.com 27K)


OnTopList.com 84K)


regator.com (77K)




submitblognow.info (10K)




superblogdirectory.com (10K)




topblogarea.com (390K)




weblogs.com (57K)




webworldindex.com (84K)




zimbio.com (9.1M)




totalblogdirectory.com (39K)




bloghints.com (39K)




blogtoplist.com (630K)