A Blogger's Dream: PRTube

One of my favorite press release distrubution services, PRLeap, announced last week the launch of PRTube, a way to embed, share and track press releases on any blog or website.

"PRTube takes the social media press release to the next level by allowing anyone to embed the press release on their website, blog or social network profile, making it viral," said Merrick Lozano, co-founder of Condesa, the company behind PRLeap.

Using Adobe Flash, PRTube is essentially an embeddable press release viewer. Where the system will really stand out is in its statistics and tracking capabilities. PRTube features real-time monitoring and tracking, allowing a Web marketer or publicist to see where the press release has been embedded and how many times it has been viewed. This is in addition to the web analytics already available on prleap.com.

For bloggers looking for content, finding it through PRLeap and displaying it through the PRTube interface might be a good option.

PRTube.com is scheduled to be launched as a separate platform and set of tools in the spring 2009, although it's available now within all PR accounts and in distribution of all press releases.